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About Canax Easy Trade - Electricity Trading Platform
Easy Trade offers secure online access to the North American over-the-counter (OTC) Energy and Agriculture markets. Traders, marketers, and other Energy, Agriculture and Biofuel market professionals gain greater real-time direct access to the North American Energy, Agriculture and Biofuel markets through Easy Trade.

The technology behind Easy Trade is the LIQUID TRADING PLATFORM, developed by Elysian Systems. Elysian Systems is a leading provider of electronic trading technology for exchanges and global interdealer brokers.


Current Brokers Utilizing Easy Trade

Progressive Fuels Limited

Features of Easy Trade, TRADING PLATFORM:

dotProven technology that has been in production since 2005.
dotOffers the highest levels of security and encryption to market
dotCurrently used by some the world’s leading interdealer brokers
dotand exchanges.
dotHybrid online electronic trading platform supports trader and
dotbroker execution.
dotOnline trading that supports algorithmic program execution.
dotProvides instant access to real-time markets and historical
dotmarket data.
dotOffers sophisticated tools for charting and trend analysis.
dotCompliments and increases liquidity of existing voice-based

ET TRADING PLATFORM’s secure, sophisticated, flexible and highly scalable technology has been configured specifically to meet the needs of traders in the North American Energy and Agriculture markets.

ET TRADING PLATFORM is the technology behind some of the worlds leading interdealer broker OTC trading platforms.

Access Real-time Energy and Agriculture Markets Online and Manage Risk

Easy Trade provides users with instant access to real-time markets and historical market data to allow market professionals to perform sophisticated charting and trend analysis.