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FAQ's - Registration & User Information
1) How do I become an Easy Trade User?

To become an Easy Trade User you must:
a) Obtain a UserID and Password from your broker or
b) Register online for a UserID and Password and then
c) Download the system click here

2) How long will it take to start transacting once I’ve registered for Easy Trade?

We expedite UserID's and Passwords quickly and, once accepted, you will be able to view all markets on Easy Trade.

3) Can more than one trader at our company transact with my UserID on Easy Trade?

Each trader is required to have his/her own UserID and Password to transact on Easy Trade. To request other UserID’s, please call the Help Desk:

Help Desk: (239) 390-2885

4) Can traders from other companies see my company information?

No. All they can see are bids, offers, and size.

5) I have forgotten my Password. What do I do now?

It’s easy, just contact us and we will reset your password.

6) The security of my User ID and Password have been compromised. What do I do?

Change your password immediately and contact us by phone and confirm by email. If someone has already changed your password contact your broker and he/she will have your UserID disabled. We will then issue you a new UserID and Password.